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We care about ALL people, not just our customers

When it comes to products, no details go unmissed...especially where they're made. We only use factories that are safe, fair and meet all employee rights. We're proud to care about the environment and everyone in it!

The strict protocols we put in place are to ensure that the factories we work with are safe, comfortable and fair for all workers. We only work with factories that are compliant with labour laws and put the rights of their workers as top priority. We’re trying to make the world a better place, however we can. We’re here to undo what the fast fashion industry has ruined.

1. Port of India

The cotton fibers are spun into yarn in India and shipped by boat to Los Angeles

2. Port of Los Angeles

The cotton is then transported to our fabric knitter

3. Cut & Sew Facility

Here the garment is sewn before going to be dyed

4. Dye House

Here the tee is dyed with GOTS certified organic dyes

5. Cut & Sew Facility

The tee is sent back to the cut and sew facility where it gets finishing touches, labels and a final quality check

6. Distribution Warehouse

The final garment is then sent to our distribution warehouse where it awaits to be ordered by customers



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