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Guide to : Reusing and Recycling our Foofy Packaging

Guide to : Reusing and Recycling our Foofy Packaging

Here at Foofy, we believe in designing our product from the point of production to when it arrives through your door, as sustainable and earth friendly as possible. As this is so important to our company we wanted to share with you some tips on how to reuse and repurpose all of our packaging. 


We have made every aspect of our packaging recycled and recyclable, cutting out any unnecessary plastics through all components of our processing. The hang tags our garments arrive with are also made from recycled paper and printed with earth friendly dyes instead of synthetic dyes, making them fully recyclable with your household paper and cardboard. Using natural dyes also ensures all products are non-toxic to skin, while also providing cleaner water for surrounding areas of the factory that they are made in. 


The packaging bags that we use are made to make sure the garment stays in excellent condition from our factories, all the way to your home, and are made from 100% recycled polyester, which can be recycled with your household plastics and glass, but we suggest making them go further by reusing them…….. You could take them along to the grocery store or market and use them to put your loose fruit and veg in or you could even put your trainers in our packaging before putting in your gym bag, keeping the rest of your gym gear clean. 


Foofy doesn't want to create unnecessary work and time producing creative and wasteful packaging that ends up being thrown away, therefore we keep our design stylish, yet simple. The box that your Foofy order arrives in is made from recycled paper and is fully recyclable. It protects your purchase so that it arrives with you in perfect condition. We seal the box with a paper tape so that it can easily be removed without damaging the box so that it can be reused. You could use it for storage at home !! Or even be reused for posting something else. You will also notice there are no packing invoices or return labels in with your order. That's because we don't see the need for all the paper!! Your order confirmation comes to you via e-mail and if you do need to return anything it is very easy to print out our return labels from our website.

Foofy also puts a thank you card in with every order to let our customers know how thankful and appreciative they are for joining them on this journey to help clean up the fashion industry. The card has a special twist though, you can plant it! This is fun for all the family to get involved and to encourage your children the importance of giving back to nature. What do the seeds turn into…? Well we will keep that a secret. 

All of our items come with a free Foofy Tote bag which we love and use everyday from storing things we would usually put in a handbag, to taking out to the shops  We are so impressed with how durable they are and have been designed to be the perfect size for our laptops and work gear here at Foofy HQ. 


We hope this gives readers extra insight to the lengths our brand go to, to ensure we aren't just another fashion company making empty promises to do better for the environment. We WILL do better!


Love Foofyx

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